Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


What is ? is a unique Internet platform on sustainability issues. It allows to share ideas and express opinions in the field of sustainability. It encourages collaboration and development of new ideas, products and initiatives.

Why ?
We are all concerned about sustainable development. However, the topic is often misunderstood or mismanaged. To encourage people to become more involved, offers a new, neutral and constructive approach.

Who is for ?
The website is for anybody who feels concerned by and is interested in sustainable development and who wants to express comments and ideas. defined two target groups:

  •     companies and their clients
  •     cities or township and their citizens

How does work? 
The users, consumers or citizens go on to leave a ECOBSERVATION or comment on a chosen category. gathers all the observations, analyses them and produces neutral reports to all companies, cities or townships who have subscribed to the service. They obtain interesting information and communicate easily and quickly with their customers or citizens.

What is an ECOBSERVER ?
An Ecobserver is a user of who shares a comment or responds to the questions asked on the website.

How many comments can an ECOBSERVER leave on ? 
The number of comments is not limited.

How will the comments of users be handled ? 
Every comment is analysed by before being published online. Once it has been validated, it stays 10 days on the platform. reserves the right to refuse a comment if its content is inappropriate.

The Ecobservatory gathers all comments of the users and sorts them by category. 

An Ecobservation is a comment issued by a user of in a chosen category.  

What is an ECOQUESTION ?

An Ecoquestion is a question asked by a company or a city/township on an idea, a subject or a project related to sustainable development to their customers or citizens. It allows a fast exchange between the concerned parties.

What is an ECOACTION ?

Thanks to an Ecoaction, companies or cities/townships can promote a sustainable idea, project or product and justify their position. The Ecoaction can also be linked to an Ecoquestion to present the initiatives. 

As an ECOBSERVER, how can I connect to ?
The user, or Ecobserver, can connect to with a nickname and different personal data. This information is confidential and conserved by for statistical purposes.

As an ECOBSERVER, do I have to create a profile ? 
No, is simplified for a quick and spontaneous access.

As a COMPANY, CITY or TOWNSHIP, how can I subscribe to the services of ? gives you trends and tendencies and helps you as a decision making tool. You get spontaneous, emotional feedbacks which function as indicators. Cost effective subscriptions allow you to get interesting overviews. For example, companies or cities/townships can subsribe to "Ecotrend" to obtain reports on trends and website activities, for one or all categories. They can also submit Ecoquestions or present Ecoactions to be as close as possible of their customers' or citizens' expectations. becomes an integrated part of their communication and a supplementary source of information.

As a COMPANY, CITY or TOWNSHIP, how can I subscribe to the services of ? 
Companies or collectivities can connect via e-mail and a password to have access to their private account and choose services offered by Ecobs.

What do I do if I forgot my password ?
You just have to click on "I forgot my password" and you will receive an e-mail with a new password that will allow you to reconnect.

Are people who do not have access to the Internet left behind ? does not try to replace the traditional communication channel between customers and companies or cities and their citizens. We offer an additional and complementary tool, that is more conventional and practical and helps in the decision making process. Based upon our findings, you can decide on whether you need more inquiries, actions or other measures.