Ecobs.ch has been created by entrepreneur Susanne Sinclair. Since many year, Susanne has been having a keen interest in sustainable development in the economic world. Since 2008, she has been consulting companies and institutions through her company Morgaja Sàrl, consulting firm and communications agency.

Ecobs.ch is based upon the experience and observation that many good ideas and comments get lost in the jungle of the Internet and social media because they are not being bundled and analysed properly.

Ecobs.ch is a neutral platform committed to taking into account any observation made. The comments are transmitted to the concerned parties, companies or city administrations. The website provides a democratic tool to promote and facilitate the exchange of opinions.

The development and analyses of Ecobs.ch are supported by the expertise and the experience of Morgaja Sàrl, an active company in finding sustainable solutions for many businesses.

The team :  Isabelle Mougneaux, Susanne Sinclair (founder), Jonathan Collaud, Nicolas Moullet.