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SUBSCRIPTIONS AND REPORTS collects opinions of the Ecobservers and offers a variety of reports including statistics, analysis and recommendations on one or many topics.

  1. Ecotrend « General » : Trends and general activities on the website concerning every category.
  2. Ecotrend « Base » : Trends and activities on the website concerning one category.
  3. Ecotrend « Excellence » : Trends and activities on the website with analyses and comments. 


It is possible to select one or several categories. You can also choose the number of Ecobservations you want to receive. In this case, they will be selected according to their relevance.

With an Ecoquestion, you can test an idea or a project with your citizens. The Ecoquestion is public but the users have to connect under a nickname to respond. Their comments will be hidden and only visible and analysed in the final report of 

Example: "We want to develop a free bike service to promote sustainable mobility in our town. Are you in?"

The Ecoquestion will stay on the platform for two months, in order to gather a maximum of comments. The duration of the Ecoquestion can be longer.

With an Ecoaction, you can publish articles concerning your initiatives or respond to critics or comments made for example on the platform Visitors have the possibility to click "like" to show their interest. It is also possible to link the Ecoaction with an Ecoquestion. 

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